I have busy this week making bunting using some of the material which arrived from Japan... I have appliqued the Russian dolls onto the flags, which look good, I sold a set really quickly and thought I should probably make more...

Next I made Blue, red, yellow balloon bunting, I contrasted it with a deep blue which looks great...so good that when I was making it, wee mushy asked to have it in his bedroom, so that is where it is hanging!..yes I will need to make more...

Lastly I made pink and blue stripey bunting contrasting it with white..my thinking behind this one was that it could be used easily for both boys or girls, well I am helping to organise a friends baby shower for this weekend and yes you have guessed ...it will be hanging up in the room to decorate along with the blue and pink balloons!...Off to make some more!
The bunting can be purchased from my website.. www.mariefinlay.co.uk



As many of you know I have a "thing" about buttons, ok, ok I have an obsession with them...Well how delighted was I when this arrived in a wee parcel on Saturday morning.

I had joined my first folksy swap which Zoe http://www.folksy.com/users/jewelbox had organised.

I added my name to the list hoping I would "get in" and I did!

This arrived beautifully wrapped and presented ...it felt like my Birthday.

One of the first things I did was check out who "Mai" was on Folksy to see what other delights could be found in her shop... I wasn't disappointed and you won't be either.. http://www.folksy.com/users/CraftyLittleMia I feel I have found a new friend with an obsession too!( obviously in a healthy way!)

I have also found Mia here http://twitter.com/CraftyLittleMia and have been enjoying getting to know her a little better..I hope she doesn't feel I have turned into a stalker...I just like to get to know like minded friends a wee bit better.
Wee mushy has taken a liking to the bookmark too!