"Happy Birthday Mr.Burns"

Today is a special day in our family, we celebrate the birth of Rabbie Burns with a wee burns supper..
Haggis, tatties and neeps! even wee Mushy loves Haggis.. not really sure if a 2 year old should be eating it, but hey he had seconds and cleared his plate.

It seems we are not the only people who celebrate the "Bards" birthday as over the last couple of weeks I have sold a few of my tartan brooches.

Back in November I had an order for sixty of these little beauties to be used at the which I was very proud of (being Scottish).

This week I have been asked to make something else in tartan.... I'll give you a peek when it's finished!


Another day.... or should that be evening..

I am so busy through the day that I don't get any or very little time to create, therfore I spend a lot of my evenings "making"... don't get me wrong I enjoy spending my evening in my own world (not sure Mr.H does!) and it also stops me from munching in front of the telly.
I have been busy making these bag charms/keyrings over the last few evenings and have listed them on my website

I have issues with everything I make....I want to keep them!.. I am hoping that's a good sign!


New Beginnings

Welcome to my little world..where do I start?

Well I have been busy organising and clearing out my work space, everyone at my house tends to call it the study, but that just sounds to formal and doesn't give me the warm fuzzy feeling I need to create.... "I'm off to the study"...Should I be studying? NO!!
This is a photo of me setting up my craft stall at the local community centre, just before Christmas.
Now what shall we call my "workspace" any ideas?