It's all in the numbers!

I am never quite sure if the more followers I have the greater the chance of a sale, this is what we hear everywhere..twitter, fb, blog, get the numbers up, does this make us more popular or are we just more established, been around a little longer? I do get it that followers are the new  "foot fall" but are they popping in for a nose, to see what we are up to and what they would like to copy! or is it best to have fewer numbers but from potential customers who actually buy from me...regularly.

At the moment I am playing the numbers game...hoping to get my fb numbers up to 1200!..pop by like (if you do!)...share with YOUR friends, leave me a message saying you have and I'll include you and any new likers in the draw...Good Luck xx!/pages/Marie-Finlay/128506169714

Fancy a Party?

OK so it has only taken a year to write my next blog!..well it has been a busy year but that is a very "poor" excuse. So what have you missed...I have been very busy with my little business which I am really pleased with, I have been getting out and about more selling at various locations and have a growing number of regulars. Home parties are becoming more popular, I think you lot seem to enjoy touching and feeling before you buy and parties are great for this.

Fancy a party?