Creating for girls

If you look at everything I make you would think I was surrounded by girls, but I'm not......I don't have any daughters...... sadly my Mum passed away when I was in my early twenties.... I have no sisters.... no mother in- law (maybe that's a bonus) and no close female relatives.

What I DO have are some fantastic men in my two brilliant sons, Mr.H, my brother and my Dad.

Creating brings out the girlie girl in me, I love being surrounded by lovely fabrics, buttons, ribbons it reminds me of my childhood, spending hours making dolls clothes from remnants of fabric and knitwear(my best friends mum worked for Lyle and Scott knitwear and used to bring all the cut offs back to us to use!). I also used to make houses and furniture for my Sindy doll from cardboard and fabric....There is light at the end of the tunnel I have a niece who is two and is showing signs of being a girlie girl...she won't wear trousers and LOVES dressing up...pity she lives 500 miles away!!!


Half Term Fun!

Ow I love half term holidays maybe it's something to do with teaching for years! It's great to stop that mundane routine for a wee while.

I love spending time with my boys... Wee mushy is home with me everyday, he is only two but Teen Mushy spends a lot of time at school and studying after so we don't have lazy mornings...days often.

Yesterday was Shrove Tuesday so any excuse to make pancakes!


Special Delivery

  1. Cute Matrioshka dolls
  2. 2.Vintage looking figures!

3. More Matrioshka dolls 4. A yummy mix

Oh I am sooo excited I just love when the postman arrives with a parcel for me....especially when it's FABRIC..all the way from Japan!
I do have plans for some of it but I am open to suggestions too?

I love the characters on some of the pieces they have a retro feel, as a child I had Holly Hobbie (does anyone remember that?) wall paper in my bedroom in shades of purple and pink which I loved, this has the same feel about it..


Pinch, Punch....first of the month!

Phew! February has arrived, January is such a long month or at least it feels that way.

I have been surrounding myself with romance and yummy hearts! ( it was my Anniversary last week too) This is a few of the wooden hearts I have been working on... who doesn't love hearts?

The larger hearts are Hair slide holders a long piece of ribbon is attached to the bottom of the heart where you can clip all your hair accessories, no excuse for losing hair clips!
The smaller hearts will just make fab little gifts for that special someone... go on surround yourself in love!