Taking risks

I have been very busy over the last month organising, planning and plotting!

An opportunity came along which I thought long and hard about ... a local lady was opening up a shop at our local garden centre for local crafters, you pay for the space/unit/shelving on a three month selling licence... a little shop inside a shop!

The pessimistic side of me was saying..Mmmm too expensive...what if nothing sells etc etc

but the positive side was saying, a shop open 7 days a week...location is fab everyone likes garden centres?...I sell well at craft fairs when customers get to touch and's only money I'm losing!

So yesterday I dragged a friend along (Thank you Sophia) to help me set up "my space", a white wooden shelving unit. I signed on the dotted line and paid up!

It opens tomorrow morning at 10 and the grand opening will be in September.

Am I taking a risk?!....Watch this space.


You don't NEED anything but you WANT it!

Most things I make you don't need but you may want!....I sometimes struggle with this, I know that most things I buy I don't need but I DO want, is it a girl thing?? as most of my girlfriends are exactly the same we googoo and gaga over handbags, shoes, jewellery and anything else that is a bit "special"...often it's an impulse buy where "you have to have it now" and other times it's a oh I'll think about it....boy do you think about it from the moment you leave the shop or website, justifying why you should have it until you decide you can't live without it, then as you decide you will have it, it's gone! too late someone else has snatched it up!
How do you feel when you see these items...some I have bought on impulse and others I am deciding upon...but how long before they are gone!