Tea and Cake

Everyone loves tea and cake or is it just me and my friends?

I purchased a lovely collection of fabric a while back and amongst it was a yummy collection of tea, coffee and cake fabric, the pieces of fabric were too small to really make anything with so I thought I would cut out as many cups of tea and doughnuts as possible then I sewed them onto contrasting fabric and made them into little lavender bags/keyrings.
They look almost as yummy as the real thing...don't you think?


Buttons..buttons and more buttons!

Can a girl ever have enough buttons??? Ok so I do have a problem but I am sure a lot of you crafters out there are exactly the same?!

Just before I went away for Easter I received a huge amount of buttons...I spent days drooling over the colours and deciding which colours would be the most sensible to buy (see I'm not all consumed), I love to make Button Bracelets and I use a lot of buttons on various sewing creations.
I started thinking even I won't get through this amount of buttons for a while so I've decided to share them! They will be listed on my websites over the next few days so you can indulge with me!