As many of you know I have a "thing" about buttons, ok, ok I have an obsession with them...Well how delighted was I when this arrived in a wee parcel on Saturday morning.

I had joined my first folksy swap which Zoe had organised.

I added my name to the list hoping I would "get in" and I did!

This arrived beautifully wrapped and presented felt like my Birthday.

One of the first things I did was check out who "Mai" was on Folksy to see what other delights could be found in her shop... I wasn't disappointed and you won't be either.. I feel I have found a new friend with an obsession too!( obviously in a healthy way!)

I have also found Mia here and have been enjoying getting to know her a little better..I hope she doesn't feel I have turned into a stalker...I just like to get to know like minded friends a wee bit better.
Wee mushy has taken a liking to the bookmark too!


  1. Ohh that is soo colourful - love it. Lucky you x

  2. Thank you for this lovely lovely blog :) Cheered my day up no end! And lovely to meet a fellow button lover!

    Thanks again, Mia x