It's all in the numbers!

I am never quite sure if the more followers I have the greater the chance of a sale, this is what we hear everywhere..twitter, fb, blog, get the numbers up, does this make us more popular or are we just more established, been around a little longer? I do get it that followers are the new  "foot fall" but are they popping in for a nose, to see what we are up to and what they would like to copy! or is it best to have fewer numbers but from potential customers who actually buy from me...regularly.

At the moment I am playing the numbers game...hoping to get my fb numbers up to 1200!..pop by like (if you do!)...share with YOUR friends, leave me a message saying you have and I'll include you and any new likers in the draw...Good Luck xx!/pages/Marie-Finlay/128506169714

1 comment:

  1. It's a difficult one, isn't it. I sometimes wonder if I look less professional from having fewer likers/followers, but in reality, these are mostly satisfied customers who are already coming back and recommendations from them. I think you're doing phenomenally and your beautiful creations sell themselves xxx