Superwoman..and she doesn't know it

Over the month of may I joined the Mad Mayhemmers on Folksy, it's a personal challenge to list one item a day for the full month.
I found it quite challenging but it helped me to achieve something daily, and it was a great way to fill up my shop, I tend to make things, then pop the finished item back into a box..."How is it going to sell if no-one sees it?" is the question my other half would often ask me.
During the month of May I "met" some fabulous folksy folk and one seemed to stick out..Natalie from NOfkantsCurios, Natalie was always around morning, noon and night to answer questions.... she was full of praise for us all, bringing us all together as friends... doing silly "happy dances" when we had a sale..... as well as playing the sales fairy herself a few times!

NOfkantsCurios / Natalie Ofkants

Aran Turquoise Stripe, Hand knitted & Crocheted handbag.

Purple Striped Agate Bell Keyring / Handbag Charm.

These are a few of my favourites from Natalie's shop.

I don't know a lot about Natalie but what I do know is that she has two full time jobs....a least two children but I am sure it's three....time and patience for others...without her help I would not have been able to do this blog with photos!
What I do know is Natalie lives in my neck of the woods so we WILL be meeting for coffee and that I now have a fully stocked shop!

Oh and I am part of the June Loonie Gang!


  1. Yes I agree, Natalie has been fab:)

  2. Aw how sweet, yes Natalie is truly fabulous. She has time for everyone bless her cotton long johns.

  3. Oh my! This is very sweet of you! I've really been feeling the love this week, with everyone being so sweet about my little girl as well with her jewellery making!

    We are all loons, Mad crafters with a passion for artistic endeavours in whatever field or medium we prefer.

    Yep I have three monkeies, one is more of a gorilla now, 6 ft 2 inches, they are very self sufficient, but they have to be, bless them!
    When work gets tough, And the children are settled, I know I can chill out with my folksy family and regain composure!

    We will have to arrange that cuppa!

    Quite over-whealmed now!

    Love Natalie x

  4. What a lovely post. So good to hear about people helping each other for a change instead of back biting. Well done for all your efforts and to Natalie for being such an obvious pal.